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Great Taste 2016 - The Top 50

BoroughBox is extremely proud to partner with the Guild of Fine Food to distribute some of the very best of the Great Taste award-winners to retailers around the UK and overseas. 

Through our partnership with the Guild of Fine Food, Taste Distribution exists in-part to help these small Great Taste award-winning producers find a route to market in the larger retailers, in order to grow their business.

We have been working very hard over the past few weeks to help many of the winners establish a supply into some of the best food retailers in the country. Many of these producers are young businesses, and as such do not currently have a retail presence outside of their local area.

Below you can find information on the 2016 Great Taste award Top 50 products.  Over time this list will be updated with where the products are available. In the meantime please contact us for information on where they are currently available.

TOP 50 AWARD WINNER Description Company Website
Apple County Cider Co - Dabinett Medium Single variety cider made from dabinett bittersweet apples, 100% juice, lightly sparkling 6.5% abv
The General 8.4% Cask-aged vintage sparkling cider made from the whole juice of Devon cider apples
6 O'clock Gin A super-smooth, clean, fresh, "London Dry" style gin.  Distilled in small batches in a unique "double bubble" copper pot still. 43%ABV
Bramley and Gage Sweet Vermouth SweetEnglish Vermouth 18%ABV
Anassa Organic Lemon Verbena Organic lemon verbena tea. Greek origin.  Handpicked, loose whole leaf. Natural fragrance, no artificial flavours or colour added. Caffeine-free.
Anassa Organic Mountain Tea Organic Mountain Tea Blossom (Sideritis) tea. Greek origin.  Handpicked, loose whole blossom.
Lemon Verbena Organic Greek  whole leaf Lemon Verbena, 10 grams.
Under Milk Wood Direct relationship, single estate & small-holder produced coffee. Hand-roasted and post blended espresso. Great in milk.
Monsoon Espresso A Brazilian base w/ Colombian high notes & Guatemalan cocoa notes to create a sweet chocolaty espresso. Addition of Ethiopian beans adds floral finish
Seeded Cracker A crisp cracker made with buttermilk. Topped with mixed seeds (fennel, cumin, anise, poppy, sesame, flax, caraway, nigella and linseeds) and sea salt.
English Muffin Traditional English Muffin, enriched with whole milk & baked on a skillet
Madagascan 75% Criollo Cocoa Single Estate, Madagascan 75% Criollo Cacao with expressive notes of citrus & red berries.
Bali 45% Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel & Coconut Blossom Sugar Balinese 45% milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel, & sweetened with coconut blossom sugar.
Stories of Greek Origins Organic Thyme Honey, Crete Organic Thyme Honey from Crete
Meli - Heather Honey from Ios island Heather honey from Ios island. 100% natural toffee colour and caramel taste. Pure & unblended. Certified Non-GMO, Vegetarian.
Bermondsey Street Honey Raw, artisanal urban rooftop honey
Melitheon Vanilla Special Reserve Fir Tree Honey -PDO A special and very rare Fir tree honey variety .The only Greek honey with Protected Designation of Origin -PDO.Unheated and unprocessed.
Melitheon Mastic Honey A special combination of Greek raw forest honey with Chios island Mastic oil and water.
National Trust Passionfruit Curd Passionfruit Curd.  Cooked in small batches, using free range eggs.
Coconut Jam Coconut Jam, made from 100% coconuts with nothing else added, can be used as a natural spread alternative for putting on bread, cereals or desserts.
Tewkesbury Hot Mustard Tewkesbury Hot Mustard  A hot, savoury smooth mustard inspired by the ancient denizens of Tewkesbury.
Pistachio nut oil A virgin oil made from pistachio nuts, lightly roasted then cold-pressed; serve with cheeses, beef or in salads with balsamic vinegar
La Credenza Delfino Colatura Di Alici Italian Fish Sauce from Cetara originally known as Garum
Black Saffron Highest quality Persian Saffron (ISO 3632 Category I) grown in Northwest Iran, of indisputable providence.  coming soon
'Wild' Voatsiperifery Pepper A rare pepper harvested in the tropical forest of Madagascar. Its woody, floral aromas work well with fish, meat, fruits & chocolate
Waddling Free Free Range Duck Eggs Free Free Range Duck Eggs
Glos Old Spot Gammon Steak Cured Gammon Steak using dryaged pork from Gloucester Old Spot pigs
Heritage Cure Ham This heritage cure ham is low in salt and cured for 14 days then lightly smoked
Ridings Reserve Marbled Standing Rib Marbled Standing Rib Matured and hand trimmed
Glenarm Shorthorn 4 Rib Roast Glenarm Shorthorn 4 Rib Roast dry aged in a Himalayan Salt Chamber for a minimum of 28 days.
Sugar Pit Beef Brisket Beef Brisket dry cured then sweetened in a sugar pit for 10 days
Glenarm Shorthorn Wing Rib Sirloin Wing Rib of Glenarm Shorthorn Sirloin dry aged for a minimum of 28 days.
Longhorn Topside Longhorn 30 day dryaged in salt chamber Topside Joint rolled
Longhorn Wing Rib / Sirloin on the bone Longhorn 30 day dryaged in salt chamber Wing Rib / Sirloin on the bone Joint
Presa Iberica Presa Iberica is a cut that comes from between the shoulder blade and the loin of free-range Iberico pigs raised in the Dehesa de Extremadura.
Organic pork belly Organically reared, Old Spot, Saddleback cross pork belly  coming soon
Free Range Whole Cornish Duck Cornish Duck bred from 4 traditional breeds,  hatched reared dispatched on farm, free range, stress free, non GM, no antibiotics
Jaffys Mallaig Kippers Plump succulent herring traditionally cured and slowly smoked over oak fires.
Huitres Amelie Our oysters are considered to be the best oysters in the world - from Claires de Marennes Oleron
Pacific Oysters OurPacific oysters are in pristine waters of CarlingfordLough. Traditional methods Grow in nutrient rich waters
Anchovies Cantabrian anchovies in olive oil
Jess's Ladies Organic Double Cream unhomogenised organic double cream just from our own cows
Smoked Abernethy Butter A Handmade Butter made using the old traditional methods of churning, washing + patting every roll. Then it is hand smoked over Beech and applewood
Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro D.O.P. Piave cheese aged for 12 months. The milk comes exclusively from the province of Belluno.
Robiola A classic fresh soft cheese from Piedmont, made only with local milk.  coming soon
Mausitxa Artzai gazta idiazabal Ahumado Smoked Idiazabal cheese made from raw sheep's milk Latxa (Basque breed of sheep)
Pure Maple 100 % Canada Grade A Golden Delicate Taste Maple Syrup 100% Canada Grade A Golden Delicate Taste Grade Maple Syrup, ideal for marinating with root vegetables, basting bacon or ham or pouring in coffee
Holycross Original Butterscotch Sauce Butterscotch dessert sauce. Handmade & using local butter & fresh cream for a unique country creamy, buttery taste 
Simply Better Irish Handmade All Butter Sticky Toffee Pudding Traditional date sponge using Irish butter/ free range eggs. Layer of salted caramel sauce with Irish Atlantic sea salt which absorbs through sponge
Hazelnut Gelato Hazelnut Gelato made with pure ground hazelnuts paste