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Veloforte is an artisanal food producer focused on performance nutrition. Veloforte is based on an ancient Italian fortifier, a delicious blend of fruits, nuts and spices and a speciality of Siena in Tuscany, called Panforte. Panforte has been made by generations of the Giusti family, who runs the business, and recipes are fiercely guarded secrets. The earliest references to Panforte date back to the 13th century. Baked by spice sellers (who were the pharmacists of the day), it was held in high regard not only as a delicious food but also as a cure, a fortifying mix that could restore health & vitality, by virtue of the presence of its spices. Veloforte founding belief is that every one should have access to exceptional quality, delicious, real food to fuel their active lifestyle & endurance exercise.

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