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Source Climate Change Coffee

Source Climate Change Coffee blends reflect some of the very finest tasting coffees. They originate from traditional coffee growing communities in Central and South America, Africa & Asia. All of the small holder farmers who supply the coffee are involved in reforestation and conservation. Cristina Talens is the Founder and Director of Source Climate Change coffee and has over 15 years experience in ethical trading, sustainability and rainforest protection, having worked as Ethical Trading Manager for a leading Roast & Ground coffee company and alongside a network of conservation organisations developing the United Bank of Carbon. She started her working life as a human rights campaigner at Antislavery International, then moved to France and then Italy where she worked as a UN researcher. In the last 10 years, she has worked alongside thousands of small farmers, indigenous people and plantation workers in coffee, tea and cocoa in over 14 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America, conducting social audits of suppliers and growers. ‘This involves looking into working and living conditions in the fields and ensuring that the prices we pay benefit everyone in the supply chain.