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Small Giants


At Small Giants, they have created a range of insect-based snacks that are outrageously tasty and packed full of planet-positive protein. With no visible insect (they use cricket flour!), their snacks are the ideal way to try insects for the first time... and fall in love with them! No yuck, only yum!

• HIGH PROTEIN - packed with a massive 9g complete protein within a handy bag of tastiness. That’s 22% protein content!
• UNRULY TASTY - all-natural ingredients perfectly matching the umami taste of crickets. 1-star Great Taste award
• SUSTAINABLE FOR REAL - crickets are an excellent source of sustainable protein. Keep your body and our planet singing
• HEALTHY SNACK - packed full of nutrients, high in complete protein, vitamin B12. Your next on-the-go healthy snack.