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Manilife is a peanut butter business founded in 2015. The founder Stu fell in love with peanut butter business after working for a social enterprise in Argentina. Back in the UK Stu started the business. After leaving the oven on a tad too long, Deep Roasted peanut butter was born. This changed the peanut butter landscape forever. The deep roast crunchy was born out of a miraculous mistake in the Manikitchen. They thought they had burnt the nuts. Then they tasted it... A deep, delicious flavour that our fans tell us is a life-changing experience! Thick, creamy with perfect BIG crunchy pieces, made from the finest high-oleic peanuts sourced from a single family run farm in Argentina. These beauties are naturally sweeter than your average nut and with a fat profile more akin to olive oil, better for you too.