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Les 3 Chouettes

The heroes of French condiments have a name: Les 3 Chouettes .
This young brand offers organic and local pickles : we now have an alternative to the traditional gherkin Made in India.
Organic and delicious vegetables (carrots, cauliflower, radish, courgette...) farmed by local producers and put in jars in their “Fabrique à Pickles” next to Paris. The result : crunchy pickles, flavoured with herbs and spices in order to colour every plate ! 
The vegetables used by LES 3 CHOUETTES are 100% organic: they chose a more responsible agriculture for the human and the planet. Of course, the other ingredients are organic too.
LES 3 CHOUETTES weave links with producers established next to their factory. They visit each farmer regularly to share great moments and send details to customers.
With their crunchiness, bright colours and sweet-and-sour flavour, these pickles give energy at every moment of the meal, from pre-dinner to cheese .