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Islands Chocolate

Islands Chocolate is on a mission to change people's understanding of chocolate, championing a much more sustainable, long-term, 'seed-to-bar' movement. Because although 'bean-to-bar' used to be enough (importing cocoa beans and turning them into chocolate in the west), it was never transparent enough for Wilf Marriott (the founder). Wilf's family have spent the last few years building a business growing cacao, roasting the cocoa beans and then shipping them off for others to turn into chocolate.  So, Wilf decided it was time for the family to start making their own chocolate, on the farms. So Islands Chocolate was born.  It gave them complete control over the whole process, ensured that nothing went to waste, was much better for the environment, provided the community with even more job opportunities and gave their chocolate a richer, deeper flavour which they could control. After all, who could craft a finer chocolate than the people who’d grow the cacao from seed? That’s what makes Islands Chocolate so special. Islands Chocolate nurture it from seed to bar – and then send it straight to you.

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