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Bloody Drinks Classic Bloody Mary (12 x 250ml)

Bloody Drinks Classic Bloody Mary (12 x 250ml)

Bloody Drinks

Bloody Drinks have spent nearly two years fine tuning the Bloody Classic with the help of a cast of delicious, cocktail bar quality ingredients.

The vodka brings the booze and a dash of Amontillado sherry helps adjoin the vodka and tomatoes with a rich mineral fruitiness.

The pickle juice and fresh lemon add the tanginess, Worcestershire sauce and a dash of soy give a rich umami base, and the legendary Tabasco sauce brings the heat.

It’s made only with natural ingredients with no nasties, colourings or flavour enhancers and with only 130 calories per can, we’re one of the healthier options in the cocktail world!

Ingredients: Tomato juice (concentrate), vodka, amontillado sherry, fresh lemon juice, light SOY sauce, Worcestershire sauce (contains GLUTEN, BARLEY, FISH), natural celery flavour, TABASCO Brand Pepper Sauce, malt vinegar (contains BARLEY), black pepper, water. Allergens in capitals.

RRP: £3.90

Shelf Life: 12 months